2 years and 3 months later …

so i got a job. and, the work consumed me. and, the bosses, well, ex-bosses, also consumed me. and, this blog fell to the wayside.  so, i switched fields (a big no-no in the science arena) and started research in ID. two failed attempts at a grant, and i’m unemployed again. at the least i did publish a paper and a book chapter with my work. research – its a field sodden with dead projects and postdoc corpses.

not much has changed externally – i’m still in a house, no kids, almost married. well, physically, hitting 30y changed some things, but nothing i can’t handle. internally, this round of unemployment doesn’t have me feeling inadequate in the least.  i’m just supremely bored, and i’ve come to realize that i may not want to be just a postdoc anymore. i’m looking at all avenues for my future – postdoc, science policy, science admin, and teaching.

i spend my time searching for jobs, reading, planning my wedding, being a foodie and now this blog.  hopefully, this will sustain my sanity.


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