and the sadness returns …

i got married two weeks ago. hence the time spent planning and executing our wedding instead of writing on the blog. i didn’t go bridezilla, nor did i demand much. i was bossy, but then again i was the wedding planner/bride. 

it was quite an experience, and i hope i never have to be a bride while being a wedding planner. the wedding planner bit was actually quite fun. i’m an organizer, and may have a talent in even planning. i was even able to get myself put together, run the entire day and take care of bridesmaid’s issues for the weeks leading up to the wedding. i had everything ready down to the centerpieces. what makes a great event really is delegation, and choosing a capable delegatee.  i chose someone with the perfect capabilities and skills. it was perfect.

i’m back now, and the sadness of not having much to do but job applications, read books, watch sitcoms, eat, and hot yoga, isn’t cutting it. i’m searching for something to do – hopefully, i find it soon.

fyi – got the whole wedding done for less than $4K.


winds of change?

not on the unemployment front. i want to warn those of you seeking ph.ds – it’s a barren job landscape. my options currently are in medical sales, patent agencies, and/or consultation. the first is easy but a huge lifestyle change, the last two are difficult to get into.

on the wedding front, my parents who don’t like my choice of religion and that i’m marrying outside of my race, have chosen to attend my wedding – in two weeks. what are your significant other’s student loans for? wedding items. good thing i’m getting some unemployment and my MoH is a makeup artist/hairstylist. 

honestly the benefits from the universe for this wedding to come together are tremendous. my outfits are from my mother, who gave me lots of grief for them, a gift. my parents are attending. my sister is a bridesmaid. my MoH as stated above – quite talented. my sig-oth’s boss paid for a 4 layer cake and the chips and salsa. a friend of my sig-oth’s is paying for champagne. my wedding ceremony cups and kettle will be hand made by one of my friends and also a bridesmaid. the list goes on.

i also took on leadership. so slowly things are shifting.