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every morning i think to myself, “today i’ll post on my bloggie about this news or that news.” at the end of that day? i think to myself, “my gosh, how do these bloggieAuteurs do it? when do they find the time?” between being a post-doc, a youth leader, practicing nichiren daishonin’s buddhism, applying for grants, publishing, feeding myself and sleeping, where do i insert bloggie writing? on the toilet? not a bad thought, i do seems to have a higher IQ in that defenseless position.

moving on. grant due and i’ve been asked to edit the “assay” section. which i must say definitely reflects on the lesser knowledge most M.D.s have in scientific research. i sincerely believe in the fusion of Ph.D. and M.D., but I also believe that both professions need to make an effort to learn the other’s field of study. it just ain’t right for me to carry around med school books when i spent six years torturing myself through a dissertation. of course, this is where the M.D. status turns up … their naivete of research is excused because they are busy being on call. the world isn’t fair.

i knew this already, so as a preemptive strike i suggested that anything or everything having to do with lab procedures i was the queen, and what i say goes. so now, after a few months of building a solid relationship of trust and spectacular results in the lab, my edited section of the grant (human and animal) is short, sweet and fundable!

on another note, a friend from the past asked me about grad school. my response was long and strict- masochism doesn’t get you far. i sent her this

these decisions have to be made rationally and with great forethought.don’t do what i did – reason #2 under “reasons NOT to get a Ph.D.”

i don’t regret it now because my practice has given me the benefit of a brilliant position.



a complete change in the direction of what i thought i was heading towards …

of course they do recc that you switch fields as you head into a Post-Doc and there really wasn’t much i could do. i was exhausted from eeking out a life on weekly unemployment benefits. and not doing much all day? well that may be what drove me into depression! now?

let me explain …
about two months ago a friend who works in a research lab mentioned a couple that was struggling with a lab tech. one that had some unaccredited tech license to “do science.” they complained, he got fired and samples from 200 patients remained unprocessed in a -80. The couple (MDs) have between them, two NIH funded grants, and a VA Merit Grant. Along with this, there arrival warranted a new 2000 sq.ft. lab to be built.

My job? Run the new lab and be a Post-Doc. It’s a dream job. I am doing research at the VA, and it can only get better from here. I’m prepping for a job in academia and I could possibly be a permenant researcher at the VA with an adjunt faculty position (since I’m required to apply for the VA Merit Grant as well.)


where have i been?

attempting to get a Post-Doc. it’s in the works. there’s some background checks required.


Dr. Weston talks about academia and mediocrity. for me it wasn’t even that. i started out like her, but then throughout grad school began to realize you can only aim for mediocrity because your boss is aiming for the creme de la creme and won’t let you get ahead. so i got passed along and spit out. But reading Dr. Weston’s piece i realize maybe i did the right thing turning away from academia?

let us delve a bit deeper then. what did graduate school teach me? that 99% of what you do is always going to fail, and 99% of grad students do fail. that saddles me with a infinitesimal amount of success. which i find to be based on luck and environmental factors based on luck. the choice of a good PI – luck, a project people are interested in (b/c you can’t work on something you enjoy)-luck, feasible animal model and viable KOs-luck, etc. with all these and more environmental factors that all come out lucky, then you get famous and like magic you are picked up and put down in text books.

“I feel sad for the idealistic young woman I once was”

yeah, me too, lady. me too. and yes, i am bitter.

just something a little silly

You know what they say about guys with big feet, right?

Big shoes. Really. I’m being completely honest. Someone finally did the study and there is no correlation between foot size and penile length.

Study in the BJP International had a sample size of 109 British men and all they found was an average shoe size of 9 and an average penile length of 13cm.

Ph.D. = Piled higher and Deeper

So this is what Dr. Barry Star has to say about the piece i referred to in the previous post.
“Of course this wouldn’t be as big a deal if people going to graduate school were told this upfront or they received training in something besides research while they were in graduate school. But most of them don’t receive either. ”
my science career has gone to the shits. thank you.

Ph.D = Physically Disposable

to celebrate my one year anniversary of obtaining a disposable degree.

so my boyfriend sent me this The Disposable Academic today … as a morning greeting, i suppose. it most definitely isn’t a greeting for someone who has been on unemployment since august of this year and has a Ph.D. since december of 2009. in fact, it’s downright irritating. in any case, i gave it a read.

the first few sentences to send my gut into upheaval
“There is an oversupply of PhDs. Although a doctorate is designed as training for a job in academia, the number of PhD positions is unrelated to the number of job openings. … The fiercest critics compare research doctorates to Ponzi or pyramid schemes.”
why didn’t anyone mention this to me six years ago? that i would walk out with a fancy diploma but in actuality be emptyhanded? a pyramid scheme, really? i must be at the bottom.

“A PhD may offer no financial benefit over a master’s degree. It can even reduce earnings.” spectacular.

conclusion “Many of those who embark on a PhD are the smartest in their class (CHECK) and will have been the best at everything they have done (CHECK). They will have amassed awards and prizes (CHECK and CHECK). As this year’s new crop of graduate students bounce into their research, few will be willing to accept that the system they are entering could be designed for the benefit of others, that even hard work and brilliance may well not be enough to succeed, and that they would be better off doing something else.” like applying to starbucks to be a barrista, and being rejected? or being told you’re overqualified for everything?

i think Britain may have gotten it right … NewRoutePhD. institutions should have “Ph.D. grad rehabilitation programs” into society. don’t do as i did and chose a mentor who uses you as “slave labor” and gets ahead. it leads you nowhere but sitting at your kitchen table using the light from your laptop for heat to keep your hands warm.

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