” … you have to be twice as good as them to get half of what they have”

so that would mean i must work 4 times as hard to get 100% of what “they” have. well, that’s enticing. *eyeroll* i already have the hardest time getting to that half-way point. FUNemployment has been going on for one and a half months now, and although i’ve been applying for jobs, i’m not seeing much improvement. my father did tell me to go into IT, and i couldn’t handle the first course i took, so i decided to continue on in science. now, it’s dire straits. why? because i’ve been work twice as hard, with not much to show for it.

in taking my life one day at a time, it’s been a week or more since i wrote on this blog. it was very kind of wordpress to let me know this. i’ve tried to do the daily thing but by post-dinner the depression kicks in and i can’t wait to crawl into bed and hide.

i’m not naturally funny, but today i did pretty well, with one joke. my bridal outfit is a sari, and i thought it’d be funny to wear cowboy boots underneath. of course that’s only funny if you know that i’m indian (south asian). hence, it would be a “cowboy and indian” outfit. bridal shows.  so far most friends wonder why i look so calm and why i haven’t transformed into bridezilla. it’s simple. everything seems to be falling into place, so i don’t feel the need to be frantic and frenzied.  besides this, everything i’ve chosen is simple, so no one has been fussy about anything.

i’m attending a class on the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction twice a week. its an informative class, but dark and saddens me.  the concepts behind non-proliferation are quite numerous and broad. the subject in itself should just be a degree. there’s a topical paper i must work on now.



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