not science

i understand the premise of . that one shouldn’t “hate” someone without knowing who they are in reality.

i watched the show when there were commercial breaks on some other show. what i caught? snooki trying to convince a guido that she isn’t giving guidos a bad name. (am i even allowed to use that term?) moving along …. what a terrible show. in fact all it does is incite even more disgust towards the celebrity, and not the civilian. in fact, i side with the civilians. the snooki/guido’s family interaction really helped the guido side. she was a harvard undergrad? really? nothing in her verbal repertoire, or social skills demonstrates intelligence. if in fact this is a reality show, as she claims it is, i don’t know any one in “reality” who can mask their intelligence for television, not even for that amount of money. the intelligent, sometimes sheer geniuses, i know wouldn’t, couldn’t ever play dumb. therefore, i conclude, snooki = irrationally irritating board making false claims. other segments of the show – pretty much the same – concluding with realizing, celebrities sometimes are what they portray on television. don’t waste your time on “H8R,” unless of course you’d love to watch the celebrity you dislike making an ass out of themselves. no, nevermind, just avoid it.

on a brighter note. congrats to Julianna Marguilis on her Emmy. now, that’s a show.


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