work = no new posts

every morning i think to myself, “today i’ll post on my bloggie about this news or that news.” at the end of that day? i think to myself, “my gosh, how do these bloggieAuteurs do it? when do they find the time?” between being a post-doc, a youth leader, practicing nichiren daishonin’s buddhism, applying for grants, publishing, feeding myself and sleeping, where do i insert bloggie writing? on the toilet? not a bad thought, i do seems to have a higher IQ in that defenseless position.

moving on. grant due and i’ve been asked to edit the “assay” section. which i must say definitely reflects on the lesser knowledge most M.D.s have in scientific research. i sincerely believe in the fusion of Ph.D. and M.D., but I also believe that both professions need to make an effort to learn the other’s field of study. it just ain’t right for me to carry around med school books when i spent six years torturing myself through a dissertation. of course, this is where the M.D. status turns up … their naivete of research is excused because they are busy being on call. the world isn’t fair.

i knew this already, so as a preemptive strike i suggested that anything or everything having to do with lab procedures i was the queen, and what i say goes. so now, after a few months of building a solid relationship of trust and spectacular results in the lab, my edited section of the grant (human and animal) is short, sweet and fundable!

on another note, a friend from the past asked me about grad school. my response was long and strict- masochism doesn’t get you far. i sent her this

these decisions have to be made rationally and with great forethought.don’t do what i did – reason #2 under “reasons NOT to get a Ph.D.”

i don’t regret it now because my practice has given me the benefit of a brilliant position.


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