a complete change in the direction of what i thought i was heading towards …

of course they do recc that you switch fields as you head into a Post-Doc and there really wasn’t much i could do. i was exhausted from eeking out a life on weekly unemployment benefits. and not doing much all day? well that may be what drove me into depression! now?

let me explain …
about two months ago a friend who works in a research lab mentioned a couple that was struggling with a lab tech. one that had some unaccredited tech license to “do science.” they complained, he got fired and samples from 200 patients remained unprocessed in a -80. The couple (MDs) have between them, two NIH funded grants, and a VA Merit Grant. Along with this, there arrival warranted a new 2000 sq.ft. lab to be built.

My job? Run the new lab and be a Post-Doc. It’s a dream job. I am doing research at the VA, and it can only get better from here. I’m prepping for a job in academia and I could possibly be a permenant researcher at the VA with an adjunt faculty position (since I’m required to apply for the VA Merit Grant as well.)



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