Ph.D = Physically Disposable

to celebrate my one year anniversary of obtaining a disposable degree.

so my boyfriend sent me this The Disposable Academic today … as a morning greeting, i suppose. it most definitely isn’t a greeting for someone who has been on unemployment since august of this year and has a Ph.D. since december of 2009. in fact, it’s downright irritating. in any case, i gave it a read.

the first few sentences to send my gut into upheaval
“There is an oversupply of PhDs. Although a doctorate is designed as training for a job in academia, the number of PhD positions is unrelated to the number of job openings. … The fiercest critics compare research doctorates to Ponzi or pyramid schemes.”
why didn’t anyone mention this to me six years ago? that i would walk out with a fancy diploma but in actuality be emptyhanded? a pyramid scheme, really? i must be at the bottom.

“A PhD may offer no financial benefit over a master’s degree. It can even reduce earnings.” spectacular.

conclusion “Many of those who embark on a PhD are the smartest in their class (CHECK) and will have been the best at everything they have done (CHECK). They will have amassed awards and prizes (CHECK and CHECK). As this year’s new crop of graduate students bounce into their research, few will be willing to accept that the system they are entering could be designed for the benefit of others, that even hard work and brilliance may well not be enough to succeed, and that they would be better off doing something else.” like applying to starbucks to be a barrista, and being rejected? or being told you’re overqualified for everything?

i think Britain may have gotten it right … NewRoutePhD. institutions should have “Ph.D. grad rehabilitation programs” into society. don’t do as i did and chose a mentor who uses you as “slave labor” and gets ahead. it leads you nowhere but sitting at your kitchen table using the light from your laptop for heat to keep your hands warm.


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