…traffic citations…

of course now that i’m unemployed i get pulled over for speeding and receive a traffic violation.

This is a play by play:

Officer: “Did you know you were going 40mph in a 30mph zone ma’am?”
Me: “No sir I did not.”
Officer: “Why were you rushing?”
Me: “Just trying to get home to bed as quickly as possible since it is 12:30am and I don’t like waiting at red lights in this part of the city.”
Officer: “May I please see your driver’s license and insurance.”
*shuffle in purse, grab wallet, pull out both cards and hand over*
*officer looks over both cards*
Officer: “Have you had anything to drink?”
Me: “No!”
Officer: “Please watch the tip of my finger.”
*me with my eyes locked on the tip of his finger like my life depends on it – up, down, right, left*
Officer: “Sit tight. I’ll be right back.”
*panic filters in, i chant under my breath and pray*
Officer: “Here’s a citation. Please appear in court. By signing here you are not admitting guilt just acknowledging receipt of the citation.”
*I sign*
Officer: “Don’t rush. If you drive at 30 mph you should all greens and get home quick. Lock your doors and roll your windows up.”
Me: “Thank you sir. Good night.”
*close window, left signal, pull out, drive 30mph all the way home cursing like a sailor*

why the eff did this little shit of an officer (bald, fat, glasses and bad breath) tell me to lock the doors and roll up the windows? if you truly see the reason for my speeding (not that i think i was) was because the neighborhood was unsafe then if you believed it too, wouldn’t you let me off the hook?

using speeding as a reason for catching drunks is the dumbest thing ever. drunks don’t speed, you twats, they drive even slower than the speed limit thinking that if they follow the law they won’t get caught, AND they are inhibited by alcohol consumption: INHIBITED = SLOWER.

the citation is particularly ridiculous. the wording is a false accusation. verbally the officer said “by signing here you do not admit guilt.” but the statement above what i signed states “WARNING NOTICE: I acknowledge receipt of this notice and agree that a violation of the law has been committed. No further action is required.” BULLSHIT! I do not agree.

Let’s look at this statement again: “WARNING NOTICE: I acknowledge receipt of this notice and agree that a violation of the law has been committed. No further action is required.” What??? But only two boxes above is the statement, “TRAFFIC ARRAIGNMENT: You are hereby ordered to appear in METROPOLITAN COURT at blah, blah, blah. My failure to appear will result in the issuance of a warrant for my arrest, my license being suspended and I will be required to pay an additional $100.00 fee. I acknowledge receipt of this citation and without admitting guilt, I will appear as ordered.” So, wait, WHAT??!?! So although I am to take “no further action,” if i don’t appear i get a warrant for my arrest and they suck more money from me and to top that off now i’m no admitting guilt?

i have a Ph.D. and i’m confused. there are far too many ways to interpret the inverse, converse and contrapositives in the statements made on the citation. i think i’ll just show up at court and inform the judge that the APD need more of an education than we thought.



P.S. Thank the Buddha it wasn’t a DUI! Thank you shoten zenjin!


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