women in science

it’s interesting to note that we progressed forward about two generations of women from the “man=breadwinner” debate and yet the ghost of these attitudes is still very much … alive?

there’s three aspects to this debate: (1) why is it that a man can’t see himself as a bread winner and a homemaker? (2) how do you raise children when both parents are scientists/professionals? (3) what is up with woman on woman hateration in the field of science?

well, here try this on for size. i think it is a bit more eloquent than i can be.

on a personal note, #3 is just the anger i still carry towards my female mentor. but it does happen often and not just in the science field. the woman on woman hateration is just politics they say. why we can’t support each other to succeed is beyond my thought process.

all that aside, i registered on AWIS (association for women in science). i figured i’ll take whatever venue i can get. there’s some post-doc fellowships listed, but of course, immense amounts of work is required to apply … there was some mention of a research project design and words that rang similar to “grant” and “funding.” i’m opting out. although i might be sitting on unemployment, all my access to scientific papers in my field, even if i wanted to write a “grant,” is denied.

unemployment – i registered, sat through the mini-presentation, and grimaced through very unkempt websites looking for jobs. archaic systems are questionable … didn’t i just give these guys my SSN? it was tedious, and my weekly check-in is done. what next? more cupcakes for a birthday. maybe i did go into the wrong field. how to combine baking/pastry chef with science? how to make it a television show? and then get syndicated? to roll in “dough?”



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