…and so the process begins…

i applied for unemployment yesterday. it wasn’t a long drawn out process like doing your taxes, but definitely a bit callous and detailed. I dislike things being pulled to the least common denominator. it’s dry, rough, maybe a bit too real? maybe that is what frightened me off? in any case, i continued through with all the numbers, yays, nays, and NAs. And, after a ridiculous pause of amazement realized i have to check-in with these people weekly? probably because they see me as some sort of delinquent. great. “fine. i’ll register and apply for jobs (a head count of 72 applications within the last week) and report back to you.” the funniest part is they only require you to apply for two jobs a week. honestly, if you really considered me a delinquent then wouldn’t you require at least ten job applications a week.

so here i sit. barely enough money to cover rent, bills, utilities, and food. but still, a glass of Qupe rests gently next to me as the sun sets in front of me. tomorrow can wait.


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