the first entry is always the last entry

the statement is really “the first impression is always the last impression.” a little quip my mother would say on the many day of “firsts” I’ve had– first day of school (when your class pic is taken), first dance performance, first piano recital, first job interview, or first day on the job. speaking of first day on the job, I don’t have one. and so here I sit, typing up my thoughts. my first thought when the word “unemployment” finally seeped into my mind was “do I want to try to keep the job I have? or get a new one?” that was demolished when the term “Lay-Off” came into my line of sight. so, now i spend my hours making impressions with black and white lettering trying to make myself personable and so ridiculously qualified as to flabbergast the employer as to why they haven’t hired me yet.

i actually registered for this blog a few months ago, but of course, I wanted to make a good impression, as it could have been my last. and so, in wanting to have this amazing, wonderfully insightful FIRST blog entry, I procrastinated. i now realize how a potent, ingrained statement can really hold you back!

so, screw first and last impressions. it’s the intermediate impressions that count in my book. let’s see how this unemployment impression works out. time to start applying for jobs.


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